Vanguard Steel Firefighting Pack

Vanguard Steel Firefighting Pack

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The backpack pump is a valuable tool used in many fire situations such as initial attack, hot spotting, and bush fire fighting.

Rugged construction designed to withstand abuse – these 5 gallon back packs are ergonomic design for user comfort.

Designed to hold up to the harshest environments, these poly tanks will not dent and are completely corrosion and UV-resistant.

Comfortable 2” adjustable shoulder straps.

A large 4” filler opening with drop-in fitter screen for easy filling and cleaning. Other features include a 52” oil-resistant hose for greater pump mobility.

For extra safety, two reflective stripes added


Best fire distance: 2-8Mtr
Farthest range: 13Mtr
Water tank capacity: 20kgs (5.28 gallons)
Sprinkler: Straight Line